Q: What is this site? A: A space about technology from a Sysadmin point of view. A self-hosted shared notepad.


Q: Who is in charge? A: The only author in this blog is me, Miguel "hads0m" Martínez, just an IT guy and open source enthusiast.


Q: What do you write about here? A: Fundamentally things I find useful but are normally not worth enough talking about anywhere else.


Q: How can I get in touch with you? A: If you seek reaching me directly take a look at the contact page.


Q: What can I do if I find a mistake in one post? A: Comments are enabled by default in the posts, just use them.


Q: No ads, telemetry, analytics...? A: Money is not in the scope of this project, however I may mess at some point with that kind of stuff with learning/testing purposes. Furthermore tips are always welcome (+info at the support page).


Q: Are your live streamings scheduled? A: Not at the moment, and for now it's not planned.


Q: Do you participate in any other projects? A: Currently working on Vectops as author and mantainer. Most of the time coding on my own.


Q: If you are from Spain and the TLD is '.es', why is this site not available in spanish? A: Multi-language is a WIP. English usage responds to de facto international IT accessibility standards.